Diane Ravnik photo

Diane Ravnik

Chief, Division of Apprenticeship Standards, USDOL/ETA Region 6

Diane Ravnik was appointed by Governor Jerry Brown on August 18, 2011, as Chief of the Division of Apprenticeship Standards (DAS) in California’s Department of Industrial Relations, Labor and Workforce Development Agency. Diane has a 30-year career advancing fair contracting and labor compliance in public contracting and fostering and promoting formal apprenticeship. 

She has worked twice before in the state’s DAS—the first time in Governor Jerry Brown’s first administration, where she served as Special Assistant to the Chief, working on promoting new apprenticeship programs in non-traditional and growth occupations and industries. She served as Deputy Chief of DAS from 2001 to 2004.

After leaving Governor Brown’s first administration, she worked for several labor-management fair contracting organizations, including the first program of its kind in the nation, the International Union of Painters and Allied Trade’s Work Preservation Fund and later for the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers–National Electrical Contractor Association’s Northern California Electrical Construction Industry where she served as Staff Counsel and Alameda County Program Administrator.  During that time, she also served as a Board Member of the National Alliance for Fair Contracting; the state-wide Construction Industry Force Account Council; and the Alliance for Labor Standards Education and Training.

Diane earned her law degree in 1985, and practiced law, specializing in labor and employment law. In 1989–1990, she served as adjunct professor for Golden Gate University School of Law in San Francisco